TANGLED   Acrylic   120cm x 180cm   $5,800  

Artist Biography

Angelique Wavés is an Australian contemporary seascape artist based on the Sunshine Coast. Previous years spent working as a Scuba Dive Instructor on the Great Barrier Reef has irrevocably marked her soul forever. Her lifelong connection with water is her primary influence and is what informs her art practice. Drawing inspiration from this, Angelique’s distinct style has developed and she creates artworks with expressive gestural marks using only pallet knives.

Angelique began selling her art prints in 2001 under her art business name. At the time she was living in Sydney but the call of the ocean was once again too strong so a move to the Sunshine Coast was inevitable.  WATERSOUL™ Studio was established in 2012, a dedicated space to create her large-scale ocean paintings and to pursue her art full-time.  Since then, Angelique has held many successful exhibitions throughout the region and her work is held in private collections both nationally and internationally.

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